Press Registration

Press Registration

Welcome to the Press Registration form for Comic & Media Expo. Please fill in your information and we’ll review it. If you are approved, you will get complimentary badges.

Criteria for approval will depend on various factors such as web content, previous reporting experience, how many people visit the site, etc. Once approved, you will receive an email detailing your approval. If you are not approved, you will also receive an email detailing your decline. Please allow 2 weeks for us to contact you.

You will be required to post content about the convention on your website, and after the convention, you will also be required to show the articles that cover the convention by emailing the Press Manager. This will factor into your consideration and approval for the following years.

All Press Applicants must provide the following and obey the rules:

Prior to the convention:

  1. Three sample publications of recent articles on your website
  2. Sample content relating to the upcoming convention of Comic & Media Expo

At the convention for badge pick-up:

  1. Business card
  2. Photo ID

During the convention:

  1. Press badge doesn’t guarantee autographs, sketches or any preferential treatments
  2. If reserved seating is available for press at certain events and only if there is available space
  3. Please be respectful and conduct yourself in a professional manner
  4. Your press badge may be revoked if you violate the rules of the convention

If you agree to all the terms, you may proceed to fill out the registration form below.

Press Application Form